While you may just be looking for a site that has some dishwasher comparison pages for you to look at, you need to do some homework first before you can even start looking at dishwasher reviews or comparisons.

You need to sit down with a pad and pen and ask yourself some questions.

-How big a capacity does your dishwasher need?

If there are only three people in your family then buy a small dishwasher but if you have a joint family of six or more people then you are probably looking for a bigger model.

-Are you loyal to one brand?

Will you look at any brand or will you only allow a bosch dishwasher through the door? Being brand loyal can cost you a lot of money but there is often no difference between a Kenmore dishwasher and a whirlpool dishwasher.

-How much space do have in your kitchen?

If you live in an apartment then you may well have a lot less room than you need to get some of the larger dishwasher units in. There is no point in ordering a certain model and then finding it won’t fit so take the measurements with you when you are looking. Remember the old rule about measuring everything twice.

-How important is the cost of running the machine?

You worry about electricity bills and want to do your bit to save the environment. You can check the energy star rating for each of the models you look at and choose the one that is the most energy-efficient. The downside of this is that the more energy-efficient dishwashers cost a lot more, you may save the extra cost back over time as you will enjoy lower electricity bills.

-Is it under your budget?

There is no point in buying the latest dishwasher if you can’t afford it. Buying a bosch dishwasher instead of your house loan EMI makes no sense.

I know this seems like a lot of things to think about before you even get to do a dishwasher comparison but it is better to know exactly what you need before you start comparing dishwashers.

Dishwasher comparison

One of the most important things about doing a dishwasher comparison is that you compare like for like, there is no point comparing a small dishwasher designed for an apartment to one that is commercial quality.

This is why you should know exactly what your needs are before you start shopping. Part of any dishwasher comparison will include information from present owners, people who make the machines will tell you what they think will make you buy their model. You need to look for some independent dishwasher reviews, dishwasher ratings, and look for information on dishwasher reliability.

You need to also use your common sense when reading the dishwasher comparison pages. If the page is on a site that promotes the latest KitchenAid dishwasher then the chances are that all reviews for KitchenAid will be good ones.

Also if a machine has 25 positive dishwasher comparison reviews but then 1 person hates it, well I would suggest that you listen to the 25 dishwasher reviews.

Once you have done your dishwasher comparison exercise it is time to start looking for prices. Don’t just buy from the store or site that appears to be the cheapest, make notes of things like delivery charges, and how much a dishwasher install will cost. Some local stores will come and install it for no charge if you purchase through them so consider that option.

Once you are sure that you are getting the machine that came out top in the dishwasher comparisons you can then sit back and wait for it to be delivered. Try and get it delivered and installed before the dishes are all dirty.

Taking the time to sit down and do a full dishwasher comparison exercise will save you money and make sure you get the right machine for you.